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TARGET Technical Expert - Benishangul Gumuz

The TARGET Technical Expert (TTE) will be located at the Afar Regional 

Education Bureau (REB) to strengthen the delivery capacity of the regional

 bureau to proactively identify and prioritise, resolve key challenges of 

GEQIP-E/TARGET implementation.

The primary focus is to support the REB in strengthening school leadership 

through an outcomes-led delivery approach. As such the TTE will provide 

strategic capacity development through modelling good practice,

 coaching, mentoring and guiding GEQIP-E/TARGET implementers. 

The regional TTE will model and support a strong delivery approach 

in supporting the cascade of CPD for school leaders; strengthening 

strategic planning; enhancing effective data gathering and use for 

decision-making; aligning TARGET activities to the GEQIP-E annual plan; 

ensuring that information flow is useful and efficientS/he will work closely within the REB to align the new 

education sector priority of digitalizing the education system with TARGET 

priorities in line with the Ministry’s Digital Transformation of Education 

Sector Technology agenda. S/he will work closely with ministry and 

regional staff to support the delivery of a number of model interventions

 in the Afar region. The TTE will also act as a technical backstop to 

ensure the implementation of prioritised TARGET tasks and ensure 

that they develop this capacity in REB colleagues too. 

The TTE will collaborate with federal TTEs, the TARGET Task leads,

 MoE Delivery Team, and other internal and external stakeholders to

 ensure effective implementation of TARGET technical assistance in the region.

How to Apply

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